The Creator

   I was born and grew up in city of Šabac, in western Serbia. After high school I moved to Novi Sad to continue with my studies at Faculty of Technical Sciences and after graduation I came back to my home town where I currently live.

   My first contact with photography was with my father’s Petri 7s film camera. Since I was just a kid who wasted most of the film on bad snapshots of the nature, without any literature on photography (which I probably wouldn’t read anyway) or someone to guide me (father only used it for making family pictures) and since developing photos from negatives was expensive this hobby didn’t have further room for growth. So I grabbed the guitar.

   During school surrounded by friends who were good at drawing and painting I naturally wanted to try that out as well, but I was never good at it. And now I know why, neither drawing nor painting ever were my true passion. On the other hand the guitar was. Playing guitar every day was fun and drawing just wasn’t. It’s one of those hobbies you would like to know instantly without investing time to develop. And that’s impossible. The reason why I was interested in drawing is because I had a strong need to visually express myself. Photography was the key. I didn’t figured that out immediately, not until I got older and started going on a hikes with friends. That’s when I realized I am missing a tool to capture beauties of nature. Since digital era was at it’s beginning I had to wait some more time until cameras became more affordable and in July 2014 I managed to get my hands on a DSLR camera. The adventure could start!

   I was always a huge nature lover and I would rather spend my time surrounded by trees and hills than concrete, that’s why I became interested mainly in nature and landscape photography. But I am not limited only to that, here and there I take photos of something completely different just to make things more interesting.

   So check out my gallery and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.