Lost in Haze

Lost in Haze - Factory Viskoza Loznica chimneys mountain landscape

Lost in Haze – Factory “Viskoza Loznica”

   ”Viskoza Loznica” is a factory of viscose products and cellulose located in the town Loznica in the western Serbia. It was founded in 1957 and it largely contributed to the economic and social growth of this area. During the 80s the number of employees reached around 10.000 while the town had 18.000 inhabitants. The breakup of Yugoslavia and the civil war during the 90s put the whole country in an economic crisis which affected the business and eventually lead to the total stopping of production in 2005 and later on to the bankruptcy. Since then, as a consequence of poor security in the facilities, theft became a common issue. Metal constructions, pipes, cables, parts that contain a high level of copper, aluminum, gold and platinum were constantly being stolen until nothing was left. The factory is just a ruin now. Due to this neglect the risk of pollution has also been increased. The leakage of toxic waste and fire happened couple of times so the factory is still an ecological threat to the local environment.

   This photo is taken from top of the Cer and you can see the huge factory’s chimneys surrounded with mountains.

Mountain Cer, Serbia
December 25, 2014